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May 2020 - delayed  Carte Blanche Marcus Goddard Vancouver Symphony Annex concert featuring works of Poul Ruders, Missy Mazzoli, Zosha Di Castri and Marcus Goddard

February 2020  Cello Concerto, written for and premiered by Ariel Barnes, principal cellist in the Nuremburg Symphony Orchestra and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra 

November 2019  Collaborative multi-media work created with Mohawk-Acadian-Irish artist Lindsay Dobbin, titled Confluence was commissioned and premiered by the Victoria Symphony, conducted by Bill Linwood. Confluence fuses video and live orchestra, exploring the water's power to connect and transform.

November 2019  Trumpet Concerto was performed by Ryan Cole and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, conducted by William Rowson.

September 2019 Archytas String Quartet released Three Wings, a CD of compositions by Marcus Goddard under the Paladino label.

May 2019  Solus for trumpet and electronics was premiered by the Marcus Goddard at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Chamber Series.

April 2019  Recital tour of Interior BC with clarinetist Nicola  Everton,  pianist Sue Gould, and soprano Noemi Kiss.

January 2019  Pool of Lost Grooves, commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for Standing Wave Ensemble was premiered at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival.

November 2018  Trumpet Concerto, commissioned by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, was premiered by Ryan Cole and the Victoria Symphony Orchestra with Bernhard Gueller conducting.

January 2018  Violin Concerto, commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, was written for and premiered by Rachel Barton Pine and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Bramwell Tovey.


June 2018 Voices Rising was performed by faculty members of the PRISMA festival in Powell River, BC.


June 2018 Novus, a new work for trumpet and electronics, was performed by Marcus Goddard at the PRISMA festival in Powell River, BC.


March 2018 A string quartet from the Akademiekonzert performed Allaqi at the Kamermusik Evangelische Kirche Festival in Hohenstaufen, Germany.


October  2017  The Victoria Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of  William Linwood, performed Regenerations.  


The Astera String Quartet, Merit Scholarship Recipients and Fellows at the Academy of the Music Institute of Chicago,  won the Silver Medal at the Fischoff National Chamber Music  Competition , junior division, for their performance of Allaqi in August 2017.  They were also the 2017 Gold Medalists at the St-Paul String Quartet Competition ,  won first prize at the ENKOR International Music Competition and at the M-Prize Competition for the junior strings category .


Marcus Goddard performed with Angela Goddard, Jordana Goddard, Jasmine Goddard and Richard Waldmüller on a recital tour for trumpet, violin, organ, and voice in cathedrals of Bavaria, Germany in the summer of 2017.


The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at the Annex performed Voices Rising in May 2017.

Raven Tales was performed by faculty members at the PRISMA festival in Powell River, BC in June 2017.


A string trio with performers Ariel Barnes, David Gillham and David Harding performed Wind, Sand and Stars in March 2017 at a Vancouver Chamber Music Society concert .


Spooky Action at a Distance was premiered in January 2017 at the New Music Festival of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.


The Archytas String Quartet premiered Three Wings, commissioned by Elizabeth Bell,  in May 2016 and performed it again in 2017.


Marcus Goddard premiered Solus, a composition for trumpet and  live electronics, at Music on Main's  Modulus Festival in November 2016.


The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra commissioned and premiered Regenerations in February 2016.

The Tesla String Quartet performed Allaqi in 2016 at the Banff International String Quartet Competition and was awarded second place..


The Archytas String Quartet performed Allaqi in January 2016 at the Music on the Point series .


The National Youth Orchestra of Canada performed I send Only Angels while on tour across Canada in 2012.


The Standing Wave Ensemble released a recording of Raven Tales on the Redshift record label in 2015


The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra commissioned and premiered Taaliniq in May 2015 under the baton of Kaziyoshi Akiyama.


The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Bramwell Tovey, premiered Wind , Sand and Stars  at the New Music Festival


The Vetta Chamber Music Ensemble performed Allaqi in January 2015.


The Catalyst Quartet from New York city performed Allaqi while on tour across North America , culminating in a performance at Carnegie Hall in 2014.


Raven tales, written in collaboration with renowned First Nations Nisga’a artist, Mike Dangeli, was commissioned and premiered by  the Standing Wave Ensemble in 2014 at the East Vancouver Cultural Center ; it was again performed at the 2015 Vancouver Symphony Orchestra New Music festival.


Standing Wave premiered in 2012 an arrangement by Marcus Goddard of Terry Riley’s minimalist classic Half Wolf Dances Made in Moonlight. 


The Okanagan Symphony Orchestra performed I Send Only Angels  in 2013


Trio Accord commissioned and premiered the string trio Wind, Sand and Stars in 2011.



Allaqi was awarded outstanding composition at the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards.


The New York State All-County Orchestra in Seneca Falls, New York, commissioned and premiered  Aurora  Spiritus in January 2011.


In December 2010, the Victoria Symphony Orchestra,  under the baton of Tania Miller, premiered Mysteries of Before and Beyond, commissioned by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra with assistance from the BC Arts Council.


Allaqi was co-commissioned to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the  St-Lawrence String Quartet by Chamber Music Kelowna and CBC Radio;  it was premiered in Kelowna in May 2009  by the St Lawrence String Quartet. 


The Victoria Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Tania Miller, performed  I Send Only Angels in January 2009.


Chor Leoni in Vancouver, BC.  commissioned and premiered This Innocent Soul for choir and trumpet in 2009 under the direction of Diane Loomer .


In 2008, the Aventa Ensemble premiered Unica Mystica, a composition for horn , violin and piano , commissioned by the Aventa Ensemble with assistance from the BC Arts Council .



The Montreal Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Bramwell Tovey, performed I Send Only Angels  in November 2007.


The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra commissioned and premiered I Send Only Angels in February 2007 under the baton of Roberta Minczuk .


Converging Lines , a trumpet quartet, was premiered in June 2006 by the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific in Powell River , BC.



Voices Rising was commissioned and performed by the Turning Point Ensemble in March 2006.