All scores and parts are available for purchase or rental

in digital or printed copies, from the composer.



Trumpet Concerto (2018) 16' Trumpet Solo 2222/4220/T+2/str

commissioned by the Victoria Symphony

Premiered in November 2018 by the

Victoria Symphony and principal trumpet Ryan Cole

Violin Concerto (2018) 26' Violin Solo 2222/4230/T+2/str

commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

premiered by Violin Soloist Rachel Barton Pine, the Vancouver Symphony, and Maestro Bramwell Tovey in January 2018


Spooky Action at a Distance (2017) 12' 2222/4231/T+2/str

commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

premiered by the Vancouver Symphony and Maestro Bramwell Tovey in February 2017


Regenerations (2016) 13' 2222/4231/T+2/str

commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

premiered by the Vancouver Symphony and Maestro Bramwell Tovey in February, 2016


Taaliniq (2015) 13'  2222/4231/T+2/str

Premiered May 2015 by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Kaziyoshi Akiyama  conducting


Wind, Sand and Stars (2014) 12’ 2222/4231/T+2/str

Premiered at the January 2015 Vancouver Symphony New Music Festival, Bramwell Tovey conducting


Mysteries Of Before And Beyond (2010) 11’ 2222/4231/T+2/str

Commissioned by the Victoria Symphony with assistance from the BC Arts Council.

Premiered December 6, 2010, Music Director Tania Miller conducting


Aurora Spiritus (2010) 6’ 2222/4321/T+1/str

Commissioned by the NY State All-County Orchestra, Seneca Falls, NY

Premiered January 2011 


I Send Only Angels (2007) 12’ 2222/4231/T+2,pno/str 

Performances by: l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Victoria Symphony,

Okanagan Symphony, Vancouver Academy of Music, National Youth Orchestra of Canada on 2011 National Tour

Commissioned and premiered by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, February 2007


Stay On the Sea (2005) 7’ 2222/0000/str 

Premiered by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, March 2005. 


My End is My Beginning (2004) 8’ 3332/4231/T+2,pno/str 

Premiered by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, February 2004. 


Angels (2004) 6’ 2222/2200/1 perc/str 

Premiered by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, March 2004. 



Chamber Ensemble 


Pool of Lost Grooves (2019) 13' Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Cello

Commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony for Standing Wave Ensemble

Premiered at the 2019 Vancouver Symphony New Music Festival

Three Wings (2016) 14’ String Quartet

Commissioned by Elizabeth Bell for the Archytas String Quartet

premiered in May 2016 in Vancouver BC, on the Music on Main concert series


Allaqi (2009) 13’ String Quartet  

Nearly one hundred performances by multiple ensembles including the Catalyst Quartet at Carnegie Hall

Awarded Outstanding Composition, Western Canada Music Awards, 2011

Commissioned for the St. Lawrence String Quartet’s 20th Anniversary by

Chamber Music Kelowna to celebrate CMK's thirtieth anniversary and by CBC Radio.


Raven Tales (2012) 20’ and 10' versions Fl, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vln, Vcl

Commissioned by Standing Wave Ensemble

written in collaboration with First Nations artist, Mike Dangeli

Performed at 2014 VSO New Music Festival


Wind, Sand, and Stars (2011) 16’ String Trio 

Commissioned by Trio Accord


Huracan (2011) 10’ Fl, Hn, Vln, Vla, Pno,

Commissioned by Chamber Music Kelowna


Unio Mystica (2008) 22’ Violin, Horn, Piano 

I   Les Apparitions  

II  Les Etoiles Melancholiques 

III L’Espace 

Commissioned by the Aventa Ensemble with assistance from the British Columbia Arts Council. 


Melancholia (2008) 3’ String Quartet 

Commissioned by the Quiring Chamber Music Camp 

for the tenth anniversary of its youth chamber music program 


Converging Lines (2007) 3’ Trumpet quartet 

Premiered in June, 2006 at the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific in Powell River, BC


Voices Rising (2006) 8’ 1110/0010/perc,pno/vln,vcl,cb 

Premiered by the Turning Point Ensemble March, 2006 and broadcast on  CBC Radio. 


Desolation Sounds (2005) 7’ Trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba

Premiered by members of the Chicago and Vancouver Symphonies


Stay On the Sea (2004) 7’ String trio with poem

Premiered by the Quiring Chamber Players, July 2004. 


Exothermic (2003) 8’ Trumpet, violin, cello, piano 

Premiered by Quiring Chamber Players, July, 2003 

Performed by Standing Wave Ensemble, November 2003. 


Millennia Music (2002) 11’ Brass quintet 

Premiered by Vancouver Symphony Brass Quintet, September, 2003 Broadcast on CBC Radio. 


String Quartet No 1 (2002)   7’    


Supernovas Collide (2001)   7’  Brass Ensemble (4331) 

Premiered by Vancouver Brass Choir, February 2001. 





This Innocent Soul (2009) 6’ Mens Choir (TTBB), Trumpet 

Commissioned by Chor Leoni, director Diane Loomer

text: Jumah al Dossari, Guantanamo Bay Detainee


Dónde Está El Niño (2008)   5’  SATB a capella 

text: Pablo Neruda


A Wind Has Blown The Rain Away (1997) 5’ Soprano, trumpet, piano 

text: E.E. Cummings


One This Snowflake (1995) 4’ Baritone and string quartet 


The Silken Tent (1994) 4’ Soprano, flute, harp




Electro-acoustic Works 


Solus (2017) 8’ Solo Trumpet, live electronics


Ancestral Voice (2014) 7’ Solo Trumpet, live electronics

Rohr (2013) 6’ Solo Trumpet, live electronics


Lullaby (2010) 6’ Solo Trumpet, live electronics

text: poem by Marcus Goddard


SoLo (2010) 6’ Solo Trumpet, live electronics

text: excerpt of Voltaire’s Poem On The Lisbon Disaster


Ascending (2009) 7’ Solo Trumpet, live electronics


Viola Song (2008) 3’ Voice, live electronics, samples  


Trumpet Song (2008)    4’  Sampled sounds, voice 


Film Score 


Breakfast at Sharkey’s (2001)   10’